sexta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2016

Why we fight?

Written by: Jean A. G. S. Carvalho

Our hand with the hammer against the chains: the eternal struggle to overcome the weakness

Created on 15 May 2015, "Avante" has emerged as a project for the construction of an ideological and political alternative to Brazil - a conciliation structure - to overcome all the ideological paradigms.

We use the motto "Work from the Left & Values from the Right" (the Leftist idea of the communitarian vision of work and criticism about the model of financial speculation, with the Tradicionalism and the identitarian aspect of the Right-wing) which was proposed especially by the French thinkers of the so-called New Right (Nouvelle Droite), mainly by Alain de Benoist. We abandoned all the indoctrinated and dualistic conceptions of both Left-wing or Right-wing, and we propose to create a new political context and a new ideological proposal, politically and socially based on the conceptions of the New Right and the Fourth Political Theory.

In this way, we want to break with all the paradigms of this superficial dualism that no longer presents solutions that correspond to reality. Our position is supra-ideological: we are not concerned about building "socialism", "communism", "conservatism", "liberalism" or any "ism" for that matter. We are concerned with the building of our alternatives, our solutions and our analyses, in a multipolar spectrum.

We are a group of comrades, with the objective to work in several areas and niches, for the construction of concrete and real actions, whether through philanthropy, communitarian and voluntary social work, cultural activities, articles, meetings and camps, practice of physical activities and sports individually and in group ,or through academic and intellectual activity.

We are the true opportunity of efficient work, a consistent and healthy ideological analysis (and untainted), socialization, personal development and a honest construction of a social-political alternative.

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